Canacom localization services include translation of websites and software programs. Optimal results are achieved with the particular style, word choice and word structure unique to your audience and end-users. The result: websites that show up in online searches with content that visitors actually read. We ensure your software is accessible, with clear text that improves the user experience at all levels, from novice to expert.

Website Translation Service – Our website translation service is done with particular attention to style and word choice affecting:

  • SEO ranking, to ensure your website shows up in online searches
  • Readability, to give you the best opportunity of connecting with your audience
  • Software Translation Service – We translate software with accessibility in mind, carefully selecting text to:

  • Provide a word structure that is consistent, clear and easy to read
  • Facilitate adoption by new users and retention by existing users
  • Deliver the enriching experience that your software is designed to provide
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