Requesting a Quote

What credentials do your translators hold?

All of our translators, whether in-house or freelance, are certified by a provincial translation association (such as OTTIAQ) and/or hold a translation degree from a recognized university.

How long will it take?

If you are working on a tight deadline, please let us know in advance as much as possible and we will make the necessary arrangements to have your document ready when you need it. Standard turn-around time is prompt. Our coordinators will provide you with details upon submission of your project.

What is included in your translation services?

Our translation process involves both professional translation by a field expert and our three-step Quality Assurance process.

What types of files are accepted?

All Microsoft Office Suite files are accepted, as well as PDFs, plus the most frequently used desktop publishing softwares. For other file formats, please call us at 514-858-7661.

Do your translators have security clearance for sensitive data?

Yes. Our translators have security clearance with various organizations and agencies. Please call us to discuss your specific security clearance requirements at 514-858-7661.

Is the file submission process confidential? Do my documents remain confidential?

Absolutely. We take security very seriously. Both the third-party service and the FTP account are secure file sharing systems. Additionally, if an extra layer of protection is desired, the FTP account sends files directly to our in-house servers, thus the information remains confidential.

How do I submit my documents?

Small files may be submitted on our homepage. For larger files, we will contact you and arrange one of two options: a third-party file sharing service or an FTP account. The file sharing service is easy and fast, great for sending regular submissions from one person. The FTP account is more flexible, built to accommodate submissions from multiple members of your team (with each member having their own separate account).

How do I request a quote?

Please click here to ask for a quote on our homepage.


Is there a minimum fee? What services are subject to a minimum fee?

Yes. A minimum fee applies to cover standard administrative costs where the volume for translation is low. For instance, texts shorter than 200 words are charged according to a minimum fee.

What services are charged by the hour?

Hourly billing applies to a number of circumstances, including:

Documents needing to be converted into word processing files as preparation for translation (e.g., PDF files and images).

Texts requiring a creative adaptation of ideas or concepts in the target language (e.g., advertising campaign materials or slogans).

Why do you charge by the word?

Charging by the word is standard practice in the translation services industry. Our per-word rate varies depending on the length and difficulty of the document, the source and target languages and the required turnaround. To receive a free quote, please submit the form on the home page or call us today at 514-858-7661.

We are an experienced team ready to meet your needs.