Our Difference

Canacom is a turnkey supplier for localization and translation services in Montreal, with clients across the United States, Canada and parts of Europe.

Our values

Respect: Any person, including clients, employees and suppliers, who comes into contact with Canacom is treated in a just and equitable manner. We are the sum of our actions and our long-term business relationships are the product of the respect we earn.
Trust: Leaders engender trust and at Canacom this is our bedrock. We build client trust every day by handling confidential information, delivering high quality translations, and striving to meet each and every client need. We build trust with employees through active listening, open communication and by pursuing challenging work that allows them to stretch their abilities and broaden their knowledge.
Communication: As translators, we care deeply about language and its usage. Accurate, direct and clear communication gets results. Consistently providing you with results helps you succeed and generates mutual growth. We like mutual growth.

Our mission

Our mission is to offer superior quality professional translation services, adept and friendly coordination, and the latest technological tools, saving you time and money while ensuring your projects are a success.

Our vision

We believe excellence in working conditions is the cornerstone to satisfying client needs. Over 35 plus years we have built the capacity to satisfy complex, urgent and large-scale requests by creating a healthy, flexible and rigorous work setting. Our team flourishes today, with praise from clients leading to repeat business and referrals for new business. Our vision created a culture, one that brings out the best in people. Today, we continue this tradition, working together to ensure our clients’ satisfaction.

Our history

Founded in 1980 in Montreal, Canacom first specialized in technical translation services. Over time, many fields of expertise were added, creating a turn-key service. Skillful guidance from both Canacom’s founder in 1980, and from our current President, André Jenkins, C. Tr., who led Canacom from 1990 to 2011, produced steady growth and a loyal client base. In turn, Canacom’s solid reputation became known in Canada, the United States, and Europe.

Today, Canacom is led by General Manager Isabelle Jenkins, C. Tr. Ms. Jenkins continues the tradition of building a world-class organization, putting the emphasis as always on exceptional quality and service, while introducing new technologies to compete in a global marketplace. With her strong leadership and strategic implementation of the latest operating systems, Canacom is equipped to handle any translation project you may have.

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