Canacom Translation Services

Founded 35 years ago in Montreal, Canacom has an impressive range of experience in the field of translation services. No matter what the size or type of document, Canacom can express the original idea in the target language. The result: excellent quality translations.

Our Translators

All of our translators, whether in-house or freelance, are certified by a provincial translation association (such as OTTIAQ) and/or hold a translation degree from a recognized university.

Our Coordinators

Our coordinators are bilingual professionals specialized in high paced project management. Working closely with you and our translators, they ensure prompt responses, a readiness to make sure your project gets the attention it deserves and timely delivery.

Our Team

Our team of translators and coordinators combine to offer a turnkey service for all of your translation and localization needs. We deliver professional service at competitive prices, and we make sure your documents come ready to print or view online.

Certifications & Distinctions

Canacom is a repeat recipient of the Consumer’s Choice Award in the Translation and Interpretation Services category for the Montreal area. We have received this award for 17 consecutive years.

We are also a member in good standing of the Language Industry Association,

AiliaConsumer Choice Award

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We are an experienced team ready to meet your needs.