Pricing Model

Canacom delivers exceptional value at competitive rates. Whether you have a single document requiring translation, or multiple corporate departments requiring translation and localization services, we have the right pricing and pricing structure to match your needs.

Prices are determined according to a number of factors:

  • Specialization: Where knowledge is required in a particular domain, pricing will be adapted accordingly and your project will be handled by our field specialists. Please see our specialization page for a list of fields of expertise.
  • Page Layout: Pricing will be adjusted to account for simple versus complex layouts.
  • Localization: Pricing for website translation and/or software translation is available.
  • Deadlines: Tight deadlines are the norm in the translation services industry. That said, if the lead-time requested on a given volume exceeds normal parameters we will adjust pricing accordingly. Wherever possible, our coordinators will work closely with you to ensure ample time is available for standard pricing to apply.
  • Languages: We specialize in English to French and French to English translation, offering extremely competitive prices in the industry. Other languages are available. Please contact us to inquire about rates.

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